Chevron Oil Company Sponsors the Selected Works of Contemporary Iranian Arts
Twenty years after the Islamic Revolution Chevron Oil Company was the first American company showing commitment to cultural exchange by presenting The Silent Brush: Selected Works by Contemporary Iranian Artists at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, May 1 through May 31, 2000. This sponsorship stood as an example of the spirit of cooperation and was seen as a significant cultural dialogue between the two countries. Due to generous sponsorship of Chevron the collection of Iranian art which was brought to the U.S by : Aria Gallery, Vali Gallery, and Nour Gallery was shown in the Atrium Gallery.
The collection which was partly seen in NY’s Art-Expo and The Center for Iranian Modern Arts , NY consisted of 150 paintings and works on paper .
Saghar Barzmehri, from Evolving Perception, Aisha D. Davis from Desho Productions and Maryam Ovissi from Gallery Ovissi were the organizers of this important under taking. A full color catalogue features information about the artworks, organizers , coordinators, and the Chevron’s statement. An essay written by R. Pakbaz and published by Tavoos Iranian Art Quarterly is also included in the catalogue. Mr. pakbaz, member of Tavoos Advisory Board and a guest curator at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art has assisted in the selection of the art works presented by the three Iranian based galleries.
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