Dear Friends,
Iranian-American Art has successfully established its place in the larger New York art and cultural community by being included in the National Art and Cultural Affairs list of Award Recipients. We are extremely proud to announce that Center for Iranian Modern Arts has been selected for an award as part of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs Cultural Challenge Program for Fiscal 2001. This award is in recognition of the project and the funding plan for an Iranian-American Art Exhibition and Symposium . Applicants included organizations such as Lincoln Center, Metropolitan Opera, Asia Society, Queens Museum, Guggenheim Foundation and Whitney Museum of American Art.
The purpose of our project is to create self-esteem and thus empower the new Iranian population through celebrating our artistic and cultural accomplishments.
Iranian -American Art Exhibition and Symposium can become an annual program established to celebrate the many achievements of contemporary Iranian-American artists. It is vital in these optimistic times, to continue supporting an organization that seeks to cover significant issues in Iranian and Iranian-American Art. CIMA is an important professional affiliation. Our outstanding accomplishments will set new standards and will bring new opportunities for Iranian-Americans at large. CIMA continues to make information accessible to the community through forums, exhibitions, and conferences.
Iranian American Art exhibition and Symposium will be coordinated by CIMA's Education Director Ms. Kendal Kennedy. Prominent art critics, artists, guest lecturers in various fields will be presenting discussions along with an Art Exhibition which will feature artists of the last twenty years. CIMA will enable the community to view the works of cutting edge Iranian-American artists. The event will be held in New York City in October 2001. The works of second generation Iranian-Americans will be exposed to families, students, educators and art lovers in the city.
Our total project budget is $16000. However, our project will not materialize if we don't collect $6000. Thus, we need your contributions. Our award is contingent upon meeting the matching fundraising requirements of the program and administration of the project.
CIMA must raise the matching funds needed for this award by JUNE 15, 2001. We have to raise ($6000) in private funds which may include support from foundations and corporations or individual donors in order to receive the DCA's matching grant from the City.
On behalf of our distinguished Board of Directors and Staff, I thank you for your continuing support. Please join us in our quest for the creation of outstanding art exhibitions and programs that will enhance and nurture our cultural and artistic community.
Massoud Mansouri
Center for Iranian Modern Arts, Inc.
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For Iranian-American Art Exhibition & Symposium.
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