Amir Fallah
By fragmenting and recombining his source materials Amir Fallah depicts the dual culture of many young Iranian Americans. He is interested in juxtaposing, hybridizing, combining, and manipulating aspects of Eastern and Western cultures. Amir Fallah produces whimsical works influenced by narrative power of comics and characterized by an underlying humorous commentary. Gated suburban communities, strip malls, Graffiti-like text that is phonetically sounded out in Farsi, Abstract Expressionism, Middle Eastern patterns, logo designs, and Islamic architecture are all combined in images that leave traces of a story without telling the end. By creating these hybrid structures, languages, and scenes Amir Fallah attempts to start a dialogue between the old and the new, suburban and urban, The East and the West, order and chaos.

Here are some of his works:

"Suburbs One"

"What happened to the things you said"
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