Azadeh Yavari
A graduate of Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris and grand prize winner of the First Tehran Biennale after the Revolution, Azadeh Yavari's paintings and drawings are regularly exhibited in Paris. Many of her works focus on women in solitude, who are quietly placed in various Persian-inspired environments. Azadeh's passion for decorative patterns and motifs are set in exotic environments where life goes on for lonely women who can actually enjoy it. Azadeh's preoccupation with elaborate patterns, fabrics and screens creates complicated layers of visual fiction with a postmodern lens on exoticism of the "Orient". Her paintings and drawings are poetic interplays between light and color. These sensual effects of her visual dialogue create a stimulating narrative, which is focused on different cultural and aesthetic considerations of Iranian tradition.

Red Curtain in Wind (rideau rouge dans le vent)
Oil on canvas, 60cm x 70cm, 2008

Pink Window (fenÉtre rose)
Oil on paper , 30cm x 40cm, 2005

Rest (repos)
Oil on canvas, 40cm x 50 cm, 2005