The Center is in the process of acquiring information for its registery of Iranian American modern artists at every level.
If you are a painter, photographer, sculptor, composer, filmmaker, writer, scholar or performance artist, we are interested in meeting with you. Contact us via email.
Visual artists should send a resume or bio and pictures or slides of their pieces to:

Center for Iranian Modern Arts, Inc.
PO Box 4513 Grand Central Station,
NY, NY 10163

*Please note that any mail that is SENT by CIMA will have the CIMA logo and envelope.

The slides and information will be kept at the Center. CIMA has a flatfile of artists slides that will be looked at by various people including curators and art dealers. The flatfile is also being presented on this website.
CIMA views art as an instrument of inclusion and harmony. We urge all educational institutions, public and private corporations, museums, galleries, especially art critics and curators to give equal exposure to our artists, and support our cause by reviewing our works.

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