Aylene Fallah
Aylene Fallah immigrated to the US in the early 80s. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a bachelor in sculpture and a minor in painting. In 1998, Aylene's mixed media sculptures have been exhibited throughout the United States and Canada. Aylene uses her dual perspective as an Iranian American to explore Issues of gender, culture, religion, war, history, and identity relating to her Persian roots.

"Lately I have been thinking of the journey of the spirit. The notion of a body passing in one realm and the spirit continuing in another. As one journey ends, another begins. And the only tangible or intangible things remaining are what's left behind through time. Photo albums, hair, photos, prayer beads, a holy book, stains, and bones perhaps."

Here are some of her works:

That which is placed in the heart
Mixed Media

Invisible Remains
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