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CIMA is an organization that promotes and heightens public awareness about modern arts.
CIMA's goal for the coming millennium is to expose Iranian American artists to the public, and at the same time provide opportunities for families and art lovers to experience the arts. We acknowledge the significant variety, thematic range and distinctive character of Iranian American artists.
Due to crisis in Iran and other considerations over the last twenty years, Iranian American artists did not have a unified voice to address their concerns, and had to work in total isolation. Ironically our political upheaval signified a rebirth and reinvigorated our artistic community , as evident in Iranian Cinema, and other visual arts. At the same time Iranian American artists were able to demonstrate remarkable accomplishments, originality and artistic contributions. The presence among us of Iranian American movie makers, writers, scholars, visual artists, performing artists and composers is a fact that further proves that art transcends geography, extends and quickens communications and eventually leads to cultural unity. Unfortunately, Iranian American artists are usually identified with the traditional and ornamental forms. CIMA plans to change this impression by setting up non traditional exhibits, and educational programs. We have many cultural and educational programs for young people, families, and individuals. Please take a look at what's going on now, upcoming events, and find out how you can be a part of this.

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