Roshan Houshmand

Roshan Houshmand is an internationally-known artist who has exhibited her
paintings in New York, New Orleans, Santa Fe, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Florida, Washington , D.C and has works in private collections in Denmark, Spain, Germany, Italy, Cyprus and the United States. She received her BA from Bennington College in Vermont in 1982, and her MA and MFA from Rosary Graduate School of Art in Florence, Italy in 1983 and 1984.  She has been teaching art at Penn State University, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and The Community College of Allegheny County.

Roshan Houshmand collects samples of real life; real objects, whether they are flowers, strips of fabric, postcards or maps… remnants with which to reconstruct, in plastic form, the memory, the poetry and the spirit of her reality.  Her artwork begins to assume its own life, as  a flower grows... naturally. Her collages reflect her concept of a process she defines as a life-oriented art form, where the creative process becomes a ritual; spiritually, intuitively, and physically.  By virtue of the medium, this process of collecting and reconstructing layer upon layer of fabric, texture, color, image, object, memory, sensuality and perception, is her poetic response to life.
Many of her titles refer to "prayers." 

Here are some of her works


Prayer For Summer

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