Pouran Jinchi
Jinchi is an Iranian born, New York based artist whose work is best described as being a mixture of Near Eastern calligraphy and abstract expressionism. Her art, with its intricate patterning, complex markings and subtle traceries, establishes a dialogue with the work of the abstract expressionists. Conversely, both thematically and formally, it is derived from the tremendous achievements of Persian culture. Jinchi envisions her art as being meditative and holistic in nature. Having been trained in calligraphy, she finds the relation between words and forms as essentially parallel. The literary origins of her art reflects her strong feeling for poetry, affirming her desire to find a vocabulary of forms that would best express her understanding of lyricism. Ultimately, Jinchi succeeds in exploring the achievement of her Persian heritage, while simultaneously rendering it contemporary.
Please visit MY ART PROSPECTS Gallery to view Jinchi's work.
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