A Letter To Our Readers
Dear Friends,

In 1998 Center for Iranian Modern Arts launched its cultural and artistic programs. Since then we have grown and changed venue to serve different aspects of Iranian-American arts. Our center has endeavored to bring to the public the finest artists available through hours of preparation and planning on the part of CIMA's friends and supporters . CIMA presented : "Passions Evoked", Summer Group Show, "Panj", "Drawing the Line", works of
five female Iranian artists, To Meet the Authors: "A World Between" with Asia Society , and "Persian Fiction and Iranian Culture" a book exhibition and panel discussion featuring Iranian scholars in collaboration with Columbia University. Since 1998 we have cooperated with Teachers College, Columbia University, Encyclopedia Iranica, New York University, Asia Society, SIS, Persian American Research Society and Tavoos Quarterly. We would like to add to this list and create more exciting and stronger networks worldwide.
By sponsoring such important cultural events CIMA demonstrates the remarkable accomplishments, originality and artistic contributions of Iranian artists to American audiences. Directors from Grey Art Center and New York University, curators from Museum of Modern Arts, Brooklyn Museum, Macy Gallery at Columbia University , many filmmaker, scholars, critics and prominent artists have visited our shows and contributed to our events. To date CIMA has featured over thirty artists in total, and has created new audiences for many different venue.
Attempting to increase our visibility, claiming a strong position as a modern art center that show cases Iranian modern arts with a strong cultural emphasis, locating and organizing educational activities and art shows, featuring emerging and well known artists, these are just a few of the more challenging activities we have been up to these past several months .
Center for Iranian Modern Arts is privileged to have artists, curators,
community organizers and scholars share the same goals and passions with us
in a long journey to expose and support Iranian-American and Iranian artists
abroad. We have just restructured our organization to implement even more
exciting events and exhibitions in our third year of operation. We would like to thank our friends whose support is a fine commitment to today's Iranian-American community and the talents of tomorrow.
It is  my pleasure to announce new members of CIMA's Board of Directors:
Dr. Susan Babaie, Historian of Islamic art and architecture
specializing in Persian arts,
Dr. Maryam Ehktiar, Asia Society, American Institute of Iranian Studies,
Ms. Manijeh Mir Emadi, Publisher of Tavoos Quarterly
and Nashreh-Honar Publications
Director of Education, Kendal Kennedy, Artist, Curator,
Expert on Iranian Contemporary Arts, Teachers College Columbia University

The followings are some of CIMA's national and international long term projects in progress that might be of interest to you:

1. CIMA Iranian and Iranian-American Artists' Permanent Slide Registry
This exciting undertaking is our national and
international collection of artists of Iranian Diaspora
available to critics, scholars, and curators as well as
museums, galleries, collectors and above all artists.

2. CIMA Iranian and Iranian-American Artists' Exchange
This is an information network available to artists to share information online.

3. CIMA Newsletter and Gallery Online
We are interested in scholarly articles and art
reviews on Iranian and Iranian-American arts and artists .
Our new website will have a great gallery with ongoing solo
and group exhibitions, as well as interviews and
introduction of artists.

4. CIMA Ambassadors
We are recruiting officers from every city and country
to serve as our representatives in that region and act
on behalf of CIMA for exhibitions and events planned worldwide.

5. CIMA and Iran
We encourage and support artistic and scholarly dialogue
between cultures. We include contemporary Arts of Iran
both online and in forms of exhibitions, lectures, and conferences.

6. CIMA and Education
One of our most interesting ongoing projects is the
Educators Network and Lecture Series, in addition to
museum and gallery visits and artists' Talks.
We encourage and support music, film, dance, poetry,
performance and theater of artistic merit and cultural content.

7. CIMA and Artists' Representation
We as a national not-for profit organization will
support our Iranian-American artists' interests
and copyrights; provide exposure and encourage sales.

8. CIMA and Ideas
We review proposals on an ongoing basis; we encourage,
support, as well as cooperate and cosponsor artistic
events by other organizations and independent organizers.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of CIMA I would like to thank you for
your support and urge you to stay involved. Let us remember that CIMA is a
tremendous asset to Iranian-American Community. CIMA's devotion to the arts
particularly to promotion of the creative spirit of our artistic community is obvious. As part of our ongoing planning for CIMA's future we encourage you to share your thoughts and perceptions. We need your input and participation in order to remain an effective representative body of Iranian artists in the United States and in New York's art community. We have ambitious plans for CIMA, but we do need help to move towards expanding our activities, setting up stimulating shows, and organizing more cultural programs . In short we want to be able to serve you better. Our aspirations all depend on your help and support.

Dear Friends, 
You have come to our openings or have heard about our shows. We are certain that it is gratifying for you to see so many second generation Iranian-Americans taking an active interest in the arts; your participation in our events confirms this.
As an individual you can help us enrich and enhance our programs, and without a doubt, play a major role in promoting the creative endeavors of Iranian-American artists.
We look forward to receiving your kind contributions which will help facilitate our events.
Please contact us at:
CIMA, Inc.
Box 4513
Grand Central Station
New York City NY 10163
Tel/fax: (631) 425-7500

Sincerely  Yours,

Hengameh Fouladvand
Executive Director,
CIMA, Inc.
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